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He was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio December 17th 1936 making him a 1 Water personality as an Adult and a 7 Metal personality as a child, which gives him the number 4 Wood Contextual Winning Field.

Since he became Pope Francis, there has been a great deal of media curiosity about who he is and how he operates. This has become more fascinating as the months have gone by.

One has to remember that before he began his seminary studies he worked as a chemical technician and also a bouncer in a nightclub. His presence is very much someone who is comfortable in his body and his body language shows that he is someone who stands from his own bones and is not cowed by the presence of people or crowds.

He was ordained as a priest in 1969. This was 4 Wood year,  the same Star number as his Contextual Winning Field. From my research this would indicate that his monastic life would be one framed by creativity.

Obviously, this would tend to create challenges for the inherently conservative structures of the Catholic monastic tradition. It seems that he held these creative impulses in check prior to becoming the Pope. Nevertheless, he kept and honoured his vows as a Jesuit priest, bishop and cardinal, being totally committed to helping the poor in practical ways and making more resources and support available to the poor. When he was the Bishop of Buenos Aires his nickname was “The Slum Bishop”, as he doubled the presence of priest available in slums connected to his administrative region.

Why is the world curious and fascinated with Pope Francis?

Well, those who know their church history will be aware that he is the first-ever Cardinal from South America to become Pope. He is the first-ever from the Jesuit order to become Pope, also the first non-European pope for over 1,200 years. Understandably, with such a background Vatican watchers will be curious as to what he will do.

What is special though, and what will keep him on the front burner of the media agencies of the world, is his Time DNA, the 4 Contextual Winning Field.

Pope Francis is a Communicator of epic proportions.

This is an inherent part of the 4 CWF.

#4 Contextual Winning Field personalities:


Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Henrik Ibsen

Stanley Kubrick

Ernest Hemingway

Eric Clapton

(see page 138 of “The Time of Your Life” by Rex Lassalle)  

Many writers, poets and “communicators” have the 4 Contextual Winning Field as their Time DNA. People like D.H. Lawrence, Derek Walcott, Emily Bronte, Robert Burns, Beatrice Webb, Ravi Shankar, Jacques Brel and Barbara Cartland to name only a few.

It will therefore come as no surprise that Pope Francis has already coined some new phrases or “sound bites” when he makes his pronouncements.

Here are some of his gems: 

“Spiritual Alzheimer’s”

 “The Terrorism of Gossip” 

”Existential Schizophrenia” 

The pathology of power could lead to people believing they are superior to others, and not here for the service of others.”

Then his punch line: “Having a Funeral Face because you want to be taken seriously by treating others with rigidity, hardness and arrogance.” 

He offered a remedy for this condition which showed his street wise credentials when he recommended:

“Let’s not lose that joyous spirit full of humour and even self-irony that makes us likeable, even in difficult situations.”

The media and the press corps can expect more of these original sound bites when Pope Francis describes human behaviour and social situations.

These statements were made at the Roman Curia in Rome on December 22nd 2014 when he was addressing the Cardinals, Bishops and Priests who are part of his Vatican administration.

He gives us a closer look at how he operates in the world when he warned the Curia of: “those who lose their inner serenity, their vivacity and audacity to hide behind their papers, becoming like procedural machines rather than men of God. It is dangerous to lose our human sensitivity, so necessary in order to cry with those who cry and enjoy with those who enjoy.” 

Pope Francis is openly confronting with the conservative Cardinals and Bishops of the church with these statements. He is asking them to become audacious. Boldness as a character for a Cardinal is something never encouraged by a Pope before, as far as I am aware. In the history of the Church there have been Cardinals and Bishops who operated in this way, and oftentimes in recent history some Church leaders in Latin America, with their Liberation Theology, did the same.

Some may view this last statement  as one totally off the wall coming from a Pope, yet when we look deeper at Francis’s Time DNA, we realise that he is simply seeking to express the creative impulses of his 4 Contextual Winning Field, and who he authentically is as a man.

#4 Contextual Winning Field personalities:


Page 139 of “The Time of Your Life” by Rex Lassalle  

We see this search for deep inner meaning in Ibsen’s play Peer Gynt.

It is present in Stanley Kubrick’s films, and also with Hemingway’s characters, where he repeatedly depicts them as having grace and ease while being in difficult situations. These are all 4 CWF personalities.

#4 Contextual Winning Field Personalities:


Page 137 of “The Time of Your Life” by Rex Lassalle 

Pope Francis was very instrumental in creating a new relationship between the US and Cuba when he facilitated the diplomacy that brought about the lifting of the US embargo.

Many global observers have a sense that it was Pope Francis who initiated this possibility, rather than President Obama, as suggested in the press. The reason for this view is that in 1998 Francis, then a bishop, accompanied Pope John Paul II to Cuba and was then asked by the Vatican to write the book “Dialogues with Pope John Paul II and Fidel Castro.” In this book he wrote, “The motives which led the United States to impose the embargo have been entirely superseded in the present time.”

His biographer Austen Ivereigh affirmed: “Francis is a genius at breaking through and building bridges across boundaries.” We see clear evidence of this with his pivotal role in bringing about this historic event. If we start weaving aspects of his pronouncements and apply it to him as approaches he would have with world leaders, the following statement would stand out: “having vivacity and audacity.”

These are surely two qualities that would have been at play during  Pope Francis’s input to the recent US-Cuba diplomatic breakthrough. One can almost imagine him telling President Obama: “Listen, it’s time you sorted out this Cuban embargo: it’s just no longer relevant”.

Of course, this is all speculation on my part but maybe in 25 to 30 years, when such documents become available, this projection of mine may not be far off the mark.

What does 2015 hold for Pope Francis?

This “what does my future hold?” question is one that I get asked a lot, since the autumn 2014 publication of my book “The Time of Your Life”.

It’s not something that I actually like to project, because of the nature of peoples’ expectations, but with great hesitancy I make the following statements:

Pope Francis will face many awkward periods in 2015, not from his own decisions but from things that happened in the past that he has to tidy up and to bring closure. Some awkward situations will also arise in his relationship with the Chinese government: some of this may occur as early as March 2015 and around his birthday in December 2015.

June 2015 will be a time of surprises for him and the world, as he may make some decisions at this time that rock the conservative factions of the Church with even greater intensity than what has gone before.

These decisions will create an even growing respect for Pope Francis as the moral voice of the world, in the same spirit as Nelson Mandela.

In September 2015 we may see Pope Francis facing some health challenges, and perhaps some challenges from conservative factions in the church seeking to belittle or ridicule some of his pronouncements.







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