euroSometimes, especially in this modern world, with all the digital devices where everything is just a click away, it’s good to allow our imagination to take flight and see where it lands.

This happened to me recently, and my imagination started to look at the European Common Market currency the Euro as if it was a human personality. This personality would have certain characteristics based on when it came into existence, when it was “born”. I framed these imaginary characteristics from my personal view of Time, based on the innovations I have brought to the 9 Star Ki System of Astrology in my two books, “Grasshopping Through Time” and “The Time of Your Life”.

So Who is The EURO?

Well, the Euro was born on January 1st 1999. The Time of Your Life characteristics from this birthdate would give the Euro the Adult Star personality of the 2 Earth when it became an adult, i.e.18 years of age. In the 9 Star Ki calendar, 1998 was a 2 Earth year and from the 9 Ki perspective the year begins February 4th and ends February 3rd . Thus January 1st of 1999 would be part of the 1998 year, hence the 2 Earth quality. The 9 Star Ki Child Number for the Euro would be the 1 Water Star, based on the date January 1st 1999.

What are some of the characteristics of such a personality?

Well, we have to make him a boy, as it was an all-male energy and viewpoint that chose his time of entrance into the world. In fact the only woman at that time who could have had a say in his birth, Margaret Thatcher, did not want to have anything to do with him. Hence, I guess we can assume that the timing of his birth is something that the “boys” came up with.

I think having the Euro as a boy is a perfect fit.
He had the freedom to do what he wants, as looking at the first years of the Euro we can say that he rolled around all over Europe expanding his sphere of interest and also seeking for his water energy to flow into all the banks and wallets of Europe people.

Of course, he was still a child, so certain rules and regulations were placed as to when he could be the currency of the different European countries that were joining the European Union club.

So who are his parents or guardian?

Well, they are the European Central Bank, and they are extremely vigilant and protective of him, understandably so.

When were his parents born?

Well, they are just a few months older than him: they were born on June 1st 1998, which means that his parents have a personality of 2 Earth as adults and 8 Earth as a child.

As we all know, Earth tends to absorb Water, so the controlling dimension of the ECB with the Euro will be very intense and protective. They have not yet become adults, hence they are functioning as an 8 Earth child personality.  They are going to be obsessed with numbers and projections and PLANS: what plans you have in place for dealing with my child the Euro. We can see this is how they the ECB interact with European countries when conflicts or difficulties occur with the Euro.

Anyway, before we get carried away with the ECB and its personality, let’s get back to their child, I mean their son, the Euro. Before I do though, it is worthwhile to know that the disturbing emotion at this stage of his parents’ life is that of PARANOIA and deep suspicion. So trust and loving-kindness are not going to be close to their heart, at least so far we have not seen this occurring.

Well, what about their son, what is the disturbing emotion of the Euro?
You need to hold your breath for this one, as it is RAGE.
Rejection is not something he takes kindly to, and one can sense that at times this is boiling up towards his parents also.
We have some strange events that have tended to happen before the Euro’s value falls or some major financial conflict happens around it.

“How can you say that?”
Well, it seems to be the case: when we observe the movie of the “Euro boy child” and what surrounds his personality and the tremors he at times creates before (and during, but mostly  before) some drama arises in his life.
In September 2003 when he was only 4 years and 9 months and Sweden had a referendum about whether they would want to have him as their currency, 3 days before the referendum on September 11th the Foreign Minister of Sweden was assassinated. Interestingly she wanted to have him as their currency and the Swedes said “No” to him in their referendum. At this time this was the lowest value that they Euro was since its birth. It was at US$1.12
Another interesting time where dramas were going on with him, the Euro, was in April 2010: on April 14th to 20th the Icelandic volcano exploded and sent it ashes into the air: this lingering ash and belching expression of the volcano affected some 10 million airline passengers world wide.  Also in this month there was an explosive clash between the leaders of France and Germany about the Euro. Then 3 days later April 23rd the Greek government came knocking on his parents’ door for a €45 billion loan. This was the crest of the wave of the Greek debt crisis that is still with us. I guess the tremors are volcanic in the halls of the ECB around Greece and its debt.

This was not everything with him: it seems at times he has other ideas than his parents and want to be very ethical, transparent and compassionate. Seemingly with his parents caught in their over protective attitude to him this does not always turn out to be the case.

I am adding this dimension to his character because on July 11th 2011 at the Evangelos Florakis Naval base in Zygi, Cyprus, there was an ammunition explosion that killed 13 people. It also destroyed the largest electricity generating plant on the island and it’s estimated that it created an economic loss of some US$2.8 billion, with the destruction of the power plant estimated at some US$990m.
So what happened after this was that in Cyprus, there was a draining away of money in the Cypriot banks which were dealing with him, the Euro.

Two months later on 12th September 2011 which was a 1 Water month, his “child” star pattern month, all major credit rating agencies downgraded Cyprus credit rating. So Cyprus was fried by their debt.

In a way I guess we can say he being a water child wants to help them to put out “the explosive fire” that is happening there. He wants to connect with his elemental water that surrounds the Greek islands and Cyprus, but his parents have no such inclination.

What about now, January 2015?

Well, the Euro is caught in a dilemma, as his 6 Contextual Winning Field is activated and with all the controls of his parents they are not allowing him to show the qualities of his 6 CWF. That is there, as this month is a 6 Metal star month and his two star qualities are facing each other. His child 1 Water star is facing his adult 2 Earth star and some part of him is seeking Peace of Mind and to have Compassionate Values to give him this feeling. One can imagine that he feels for the people of Greece and wants to bring that comfort that water brings to us. Interestingly from his early years, we see this pull he has to countries that have a lot of water surrounding them; Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are all countries, which had to get his help with loans from his parents the ECB.

So what can we expect from this Euro teenager this year?

Well turmoil is there, as he is starting to want to have his own way as he is now 16 years of age and quite rebellious.

We already have the situation of his parents pumping over a trillion Euros into the system this January. I am not so sure he likes this as you could almost hear him shouting “Why are you doing this, why don’t you trust me to work this out with the people?”

He is starting this year with this upset and for sure you can expect him to become more rebellious in the September/October period where he more than likely will embarrass them by having them confused as to how best to manage him.

Do expect some major upheavals from him in the September/October period this year, with him feeling quite awkward with what is happening around him as he seeks to be of help to the people in Greece and Spain and the other water-surrounded countries as his parents seek to put more restraints on him. This can lead to his parents, the ECB, having some tantrums at home as they are finding him just too much to handle at the moment and a crisis of confidence may occur for them, even something close to a nervous breakdown may occur at the ECB.

This can easily manifest in November/December this year. Interesting times are ahead for this family. Stay tuned for more updates about this Euro teenager.

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