Well things are not very happy right now with the Oiro family. There is the teenage tension of Oiro, at sixteen he wants to express himself much more and wants to circulate more. He views this is as an essential aspect of who he is and what he is about.

Whereas, his parents are very conscious of looking good or at least wanting to be seen as looking good. They want to be seen as being very responsible and wanting him to mature very much like how they are: all cautious and conservative.

Of course their son, Oiro sees through this spin very easily and finds them at times very hypocritical with their statements and persona. Obviously, one needs to remember that their age difference is only 6 months so inherently there is a most distorted and dysfunctional parent child relationship happening, if you can call it that.

His parents Ezee are caught with all the projections and percentages they can make with him, and wanting to have all these stable exchange rates with him. They are really control freaks of the most intense order and inherently dysfunctional in their own unique way.

His parents like to package themselves as being pro-active on environment issues, because of this they always like to appear dressed in green. Plus the influence of the greenback, the US dollar, they feel they must show a sense of being close to the green back so again another reason why they love wearing green. In a way we can immediately see how superficial their thinking is.

On the other hand, Oiro just loves to wear white outfits and he is always seen in this as he has a great need to be transparent and ethical in all his dealings, he feels this from the core of his being.

Because of the big gap between the views of Oiro and his parents he has had to cultivate some very unusual friends and companions as he views his parents friends and associates as people who have little or no imagination. They only want to talk about money and how to control it and they keep having idiotic conversations about the environment so people and the media will think that they are interested in the environment when in fact Oiro knows this is not so also like his parents they are always dressed in green but their hearts are not connected with this, it is all about packaging and marketing.

Oiro has no time for them.

His friends and companions come from a time long forgotten and they come as special visitors but they all bring a warmth and joy to his heart, especially Heph he feels very close to him as Heph experiences feelings of deep rejection and alienation because of his lameness and the bent over posture he has. Heph is the nickname that Oiro has for him.

Hephaestus is his real name and he is a hard working person bent over by his years of manufacturing things in fire and suffers from great toxicity in his system.

As Oiro says

“I like to be around real people and experiences. Things that really do exist in SPACE – this is what turns me on.

Hephaestus is one of my friends and he gets so tired from all his manufacturing and night shifts along with the toxicity that his lifestyle brings that he needs to erupt as a volcano and allow the ash to purify him.

My parents can’t see this relation, but to me it is obvious.”

In the odd moments when his parents enquire about who is visiting him and who was this friend that just came by, he has these awkward conversations with his parents:

“That is nonsense Oiro, you do not know what you are saying.”

Oh yes, I do know what I am talking about. My friend Heph he suffers from Arsenic poisoning that is why he is all bent over and because of this many people are depressed and bent over, it is all the same. So when he erupts the ash purifies the water that he drinks of arsenic and he feels better.

Of course you and your Banking CEO’s hate him and just want to grind him in the dust, but that and a cow jumping over the moon you won’t see.

Pontus is here with me also, he is a friend that I meet to feel at ease and he brings me much comfort as he is a water god who tells me stories and offers me guidance. He is trustworthy and gentle and does not forget the laws of righteousness so unlike you.

Then I like to see Aditi from space, she tells me things about you.

Ezee: “what does she tell you?”

Oiro: you would not want to hear so don’t ask me.

I need to have a woman around me, there ain’t any here, you keep speaking about equality and time for women to have their place but that is jus talk, no action and Aditi is who brings me that motherly quality that I so miss around here.

Anyway you are not interested in that, you are focused on CDS.

Ezee: WHAT!!! how do you know about that?

Oiro: You think I am stupid, because I am only 16, like I don’t know anything, I know your secrets

Ezee: But where did you hear about this?

Oiro: Have you ever heard about dreams?

Ezee: Don’t be ridiculous.

Oiro: You did ask, and things come to me in my dreams and they tell me what you are doing at your desk and they told me that Credit Default Swaps is what goes on and then lots of money is pumped into the system to “improve the viability of production”. What fancy words you and your friends come up with to mystify people.

Then you want me to believe that and to trust you as a parent. What example are you giving me to be a better person in the world?

Ezee: I am making sure you have the best education, that you go to Harvard, and Oxford and learn many languages and are fantastic with the digital world.

Oiro: And that will make me happy, that will make me just like you and no way I want to be like you.

Ezee: Oiro your conversations and ideas are so delusional and ridiculous, it seems you need some psychological counselling.

Oiro: Don’t go there, don’t even think that I have a problem. You are the one with the problem, coming from your lifestyle and approach to me. I will now tell you a few things seeing you are confronting me as being delusional and in need of Psychological Counselling. So listen carefully to what I am about to tell you as you are not going to hear it from your so-called wise advisers.

Ezee: I now know that you need to see someone.

Oiro: Don’t be so impatient, you have not heard what I have to tell you. Obviously from your delusional world, you are all worried about me and strange it is really me who is worried about you.

Ezee: How could you be, all is fine with how things are here.

Oiro: So how come you made such a big mistake with austerity when your scientific research was based on a false manipulated study.

Ezee: Oiro you know nothing about economics and banking and how it works plus I have a whole committee and research unit who support me in making scientific projections about the economy and the best way of managing money.

Oiro: You want me to believe that. Ok, so how come the work of Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, called Growth in a Time of Debt is all based on totally false assumptions. Yet you and your banking friends, including governments have jumped on this bandwagon to squeeze people with austerity yet have done nothing to address all the speculation that you and your banking friends have done that created the global banking crisis through all these sub prime funds that went bust. Everyday people were not involved with any of those tricks: it is you and your elite crowd who created this.

Ezee: Oiro, ok I hear you, how do you know about all of this. We need to keep this in the family and it is late now and it is best we go to bed now.

Oiro: Thanks for hearing me: you are all fixated on Greece and you need to know that Greece is not the problem. It is a minor issue and there are ways to handle this that needs the same flexibility that was given to the banks when trillions were wiped out in 2008, remember Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and banks in Europe can also face these challenges as Lehman Bros did. You have a big problem to handle on August 14th next month, yes August 14th 2015 and it is not Greece, it is the bank.

Ezee: Oiro, what are you talking about.

Oiro: I am telling you as I do not want to see you go under or just spin out with bigger stresses throughout the banks in Europe. It may seem to be my problem i.e. the

Oiro but it is you who is in charge at the Bank who will have to deal with this. Greece is not your problem it is minor compare to the trillions that will be at stake in August.

Ezee: who told you this, where did you get this information from?

Oiro: It is from my friends Heph, Pontus and Aditi. They whispered that to me, hopefully they do not get upset with me for telling you this as it was just a private conversation that we had.

But when you wanted to take me for counselling, I realized I have to be in your face and tell you some real things that I know about hence reminding you about Reinhart and Rogoff and I had to drop this bombshell as you are managing me and you are most certainly not looking after me.

I have some other important dates for you. You need to know that you can count on me and what I am telling you is for real. Rather than all the delusional stuff you are getting from your computers and so called research units.

Ezee: what are these other dates.

Oiro: Let’s do one thing at a time. After you go through August 14th your listening to me will be much more receptive. So let’s groove, smooth and cool, one step at a time.

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