OIRO and DR. GENE #1

Ezee: You told me that there will be banking problems on Friday 14th and none of this happened. As I told you then you are operating in a delusional world and you need to see a therapist. Now you also realize that is the case as nothing happened with all your wisdom.

Oiro: I hear you and being human we all make mistakes, when I make a mistake I need to see a therapist, when you make a mistake some spin is presented from one of your PR firms of what has happened to validate your decisions and this is presented as some in depth analysis in the media.

Ezee: My choices and decisions are based on logical analyses I do not make statements about mythical friends and what I had in a dream, this is all delusional.

There is an excellent child and adolescent therapist Dr Gene, she will be able to help you and support you with these issues that are troubling you.

Oiro: I am not being troubled I am just looking at life from a different perspective, one in fact that was very much part of human society in ancient times that gave us so much wisdom and understanding of our human and community needs.

Ezee: Oiro, you need to be here in this world as it is now and I will make an appointment for you to see Dr Gene.

Oiro: If you insist, plus I am curious about her and what she is offering children and adolescents to have them be more here in this world.

Ezee; Thanks for listening to me. I will phone her now and see if she can fit you into her busy schedule. Hello Dr Gene it is Ezee here, I would like to make an appointment for my son Oiro.

He is having some challenges feeling at home in the modern world and this at times leaves him quite delusional with his ideas and his views about life and events around him. When is the earliest appointment that you can offer him?

Dr Gene: Sorry to hear this Ezee, these days many children and teenagers have these issues. Not to worry I will help him. Let me check my diary, ah tomorrow I have a cancellation at 4 p.m. otherwise the earliest date would be in 6 weeks time.

Ezee: I will make sure he is there tomorrow at 4 p.m.

Dr Gene: Glad that you have my private number otherwise it would have been 6 weeks before I saw him. How are you and the banking world?

Ezee: All is good and very busy. Thanks for your help in accommodating my son so quickly, greatly appreciated Dr Gene.

Dr Gene: You are welcome

Ezee: This is very important to me Oiro and I will take you there so you arrive on time. I will let you make your way back home after the session.

Oiro: I am curious who this Dr Gene is, I think we will have some very interesting conversations.

Dr Gene: Hello Oiro, it is great to finally meet you. Thanks for filling out the form. Tell me about your world Oiro.

Oiro; Is it possible that you can tell me about your world and how you help children and teenagers;

Dr Gene; Thanks for asking, it varies a lot Oiro; some children come with emotional and behavioural disorders, a lot of them in the last 5 years have problems sleeping especially teenagers.

I am also seeing a lot with anxiety issues worried about what their friends think of them, whether they will be accepted. Then also eating problems some are very overweight and some have eating disorders. It is vast, with many complex problems. Do you have any of those problems that I spoke about Oiro.

Oiro; No Dr Gene, it sounds as if these children and teenagers have no connection with life and they are very caught up with the digital world and seeing themselves through consumer ideas of how they need to look and what they need to have and what is important for them to have to look special.

Dr Gene: Oiro, how did you come to this view about these things that is affecting children?

Oiro: Dr Gene, I do not know, it is just I observe that is what is happening when I see teenagers my age and what turns them on.

Dr Gene: So don’t you have some teenage friends Oiro?

Oiro: Not really Dr Gene, yes I know some at school but to be honest I find them boring so my interaction with them is superficial.

Dr Gene: So who are your friends Oiro, you must have some friends

Oiro: do you really want to know? As when I told my parents who they were they did not want to know as they said I was being delusional.

Dr Gene: Oiro, it is most important for me to know about these friends as you are the first teenager that I have met in my 25 years of working in this field who has a view of his age group with such insight and understanding. It is important I know who your special friends are.

Oiro: Thanks for wanting to hear me Dr Gene I do appreciate this. Please no need to flatter me as being the first teenager, I have no sense of being special as I am only present with what I see and feel around me.

Dr Gene: I really do want to know and you have not told me as yet who your special friends are, who are they?

Oiro: I will, they are Heph, Pontus and Aditi. I guess those names are all mysterious to you.

Dr Gene; No! These are Mythical personalities, but they can’t be friends Oiro. How can you say they are friends?

Oiro: Dr Gene,I guess it was ok for Harry Potter stories to fill the world of children and adults as if it was a fantasy world.

What if I have something different from being someone who was born into the world as an energy link for people in Europe to live their lives peacefully as that was the original intention for me being here, because of this, such friends visit me?

Dr Gene: Oiro, you have left me speechless. What you are talking about gives me no references as to how to place you and your personality. Of course I am very curious about what you are telling me and I do want to continue these conversations with you, as they are very interesting.  I can surely help you with your relationship with your parents and also for you to feel more comfortable in the modern world. From what you are sharing I realize that you will not feel that comfortable with modern life.

Oiro:  Thank you Dr Gene as you immediately knew of my friends as mythical personalities and did not shut me up.

Plus thanks for reassuring me that you will help me with my parental issues and feeling at ease in the modern world.

Can I make a very practical suggestion?

Dr Gene:  I like your choice of words Oiro, it seems you do have a good grasp of reality, do you?

Oiro: I like your way of teasing me Dr Gene.

Dr Gene: Is that allowed?

Oiro: Of course Dr Gene, I do not know if you will think me respectful if I tease you.

Dr Gene: Oiro you are very respectful you always answer me as Dr Gene. Many teenagers and children do not ever say that to me. So a tease from you would be fun.

Oiro: Dr Gene it is fun meeting you and besides my 3 friends I feel as if I have a good friend in you, hopefully our age differences does not prevent us from being friends.

Dr Gene: You are most welcome to view me as a friend. I am glad that you feel such trust in me. Tell me about your practical suggestion

Oiro: Well there is something which I have observed that works extremely well in understanding people and I think you will find it interesting and helpful working with children and teenagers.

Dr Gene: What is that Oiro?

Oiro: I learnt about it from reading this book called the The Time of Your Life…is it Now?

Dr Gene: That sounds interesting, how come it is practical as Time is just something we have to manage there is nothing else practical about Time.

Oiro: Dr Gene, there is much more and you will be pleasantly surprised how practical it is.

Dr Gene: Tell me more Oiro

Oiro: I guess this may be a rude question to you.

Dr Gene: Oiro at no stage in our chatting have you been rude to me. Sometimes I have children who swear when they are talking to me; sometimes that is there problem. You express no such behaviour in your communication with me. Do ask me

Oiro: When is your birthday?

Dr Gene: That is an awkward question to ask a woman though it is not rude. Why do you want to know?

Oiro: Well it is part of my practical suggestion

Dr Gene: I am curious as to how this is going to be practical. It is August 24 1964

Oiro: Well from this book you will be a 9 Fire Personality as an adult and an 8 Earth personality as a child. This explains why you are so good at what you do Dr Gene. It is because you have something called a 4 Wood Contextual Winning Field. This makes you a very skilled communicator.

Dr Gene: How is this a practical suggestion? By the way thanks for the compliment.

Oiro: I take it that you have some very difficult children and teenagers to sort out.

Dr Gene: Loads, how will this Time stuff help?

Oiro: Ok give me a birthdate of one of your challenging cases.

Dr Gene: Here is one, a teenage girl, she is born October 18th 2002.

Oiro: She is a 9 Fire child personality and will express the 7 Metal personality when she becomes 18. Would she be one who is seeking endless attention and just wants to be seen?

Dr Gene: That is very accurate for when she is here with me but her parents says that at home she is non communicative and very sad and depressed. So it is very confusing this split personality she expresses.

Oiro: No it is not confusing at all. What I am hearing with her story is that she has suffered abuse as a child and she switched to her adult expression, which is the 7 metal to manage the abuse as she could no longer feel safe as a child. Unconsciously she needed to be responsible for her life. Because of your skill you give her permission to be a child so she expresses the 9 Fire in your sessions, very much like an actress on centre stage wanting to be complimented and seeking attention.

Dr Gene: Oiro, that is spot on, the child abuse I did not consider, but it makes sense what you say. So how can you pinpoint that so accurately this personality switch and how it manifests? It will take me many sessions to pinpoint something like that.

Oiro: It is there in that book The Time of Your Life is it Now? This all comes out from Time. This month August 2015 is an important month for her as it is her 8 Context Winning Field month. This is an ideal month for you to suggest that she gets into some sport or activity that demands a big effort as she has the capacity to overcome many major challenges and can be very productive. She has a similar pattern as the athlete Wilma Rudolph and the painter Van Gogh.

There is also the painter Georgia O’Keefe who has the same pattern as her. A simpler suggestion would be to ask her to do a painting for you for when next she comes to see you. You may find that she brings you a few and not just one.

Dr Gene: This sounds very practical, hopefully it works then it would not be just practical, it would be magical. And this Contextual Winning Field information is it in that book, The Time of Your Life is it Now?

Oiro: Yes it is Dr Gene. Here some other tips for the 8 Contextual Winning Field for this month for those personalities who have this as their pattern.1. Encourage them to transform themselves. 2. Encourage them to seek authenticity with what they do. 3.Encourage them to be tenacious. 4. Encourage them to take a stand for what they believe in 5. Encourage them to go after creating things that stretch their creative processes.

This all comes from the book Dr Gene.

Dr Gene: Thank you Oiro and I look forward to having future chats with you. From this meeting Oiro, I am not of the view that you are delusional only that you are different and do not fit the life of a 16 year old. My suggestion is that in future you do not talk to your parents about your special friends. This is too much a stretch for them. I will suggest to them that you come for more sessions as I can give you feedback about this book which sounds very interesting and which it seems makes your life practical to deal with the different observations you make of life. Also Oiro, I can help you with feeling comfortable with the modern world and its speedy nature.

Oiro: Dr Gene, I would love to continue our chats as you do listen and have a curiosity and want to explore what I find interesting and practical.

Dr Gene: Can we say in 2 weeks time?

Oiro: I look forward to that Dr Gene and when next we meet I think I will be able to tell you something to help that 8 Contextual Winning Field girl with her abuse trauma.

Dr Gene: I am curious as to what that will be

Oiro: We go smooth and cool Dr Gene and one step at a time.

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