Maria Sharapova

MARIA SHARAPOVA is a famous tennis player, born April 19 1987. Maria was born in Siberia, Russia and moved to America when she was 7 years old. She made the journey only with her father as her mother was not able to move to America because of visa issues. From a very young age, Maria was entirely focused on tennis as that is what she loved and that drilling discipline was very instilled, very much like the Williams sisters and their father. Interestingly, Maria and Serena are two top female tennis players with a very similar background as regards their fathers bringing that focus into their lives.

So who Is Maria Sharapova? Who is behind that packaged product? We all know she is the highest paid female athlete in the world.

From the Time of Your Life perspective, Maria is a 4 Wood as an adult and a 6 Metal as a child. This gives her the pattern of a Paradigm Shaker. She does things in her own way. She is not about following a consensus view about how she should be in the world.

This was clearly stated in a Larry King interview in 2013 when she stated that she did not do locker room chats after matches as for her this was not natural, as it is all about competing with someone, so there is something false and insincere to play that game with people.

Having read the vicious criticism from some women players (who have never beaten her) about her failing the Australian Open drug test, you can’t blame her for having that attitude, as there is nothing to gain from having so-called friendships with the viciousness and bitterness that is present from some of these players.

Maria has been taking the preparation Mildronate for the last 10 years. She openly said this at a news conference in Los Angeles on March 7th. (Mildronate is the trade name for the drug meldonium). She had been taking it to treat a tendency for diabetes and low magnesium levels.

Many journalists have been cynical about the Los Angeles press conference where she acknowledged the failed drug test, where she took full responsibility for the events which transpired. They viewed it as an act, and just a PR stunt. I do not buy into that view.

Observing her body language, she is a woman who is very comfortable in her own skin. During the press conference, there was a slumping of the shoulders, a dropping of the neck. At no time have I seen this posture in any of her other presentations. This was a woman who felt Shame. This is not a word we hear much these , nor an emotion that we see expressed very frequently. Maria clearly stated “I take full responsibility for what has happened”, rather than her staff or her doctor or whatever. It was a very dignified expression of her regret about what had happened. Plus, she was not begging for any special favours, as she also stated,”I know there will be consequences that I will have to face for this”.

As we all know, Maria is Injury prone: when you check the amount of injuries she has suffered in her career, it is truly amazing that she still is able to bounce back and maintain a high ranking as a tennis player.

So many sports pundits and other people are howling about how she must be cheating by using this medication for this long. The projection is that it is used to support her sports performance.

What no one has addressed so far is that more than likely Maria is a sugar addict, and that her intake of sugar is what has undermined her body and created all this inflammation in her system.

She has acknowledged that she has a sweet tooth. Also, it is known that injuries, which obviously are a stress to the mind and body, can raise blood sugar levels. So the vicious circle of these two dimensions of the biochemistry of the body easily adds to her need for something that stabilises this vicious circle. Hence Meldonium.

She also stated in the LA press conference that there is a tendency to diabetes in her family and that she also suffers from low magnesium levels. High intake of sugar creates low magnesium levels in the body.

In 2012, Maria launched her Sugarpova brand of candy. Plus in the summer of 2013, she was seriously considering changing her name to Sugarpova. This obsession with sugar is surely part of her approach to life. When we look at most of her injuries (independent of her right shoulder surgery), we often observe that her left ankle is involved and oftentimes she has some issue with her left big toe, which from the Oriental model of the body indicates debilitation with Spleen energy. A major contributing factor to Spleen debilitation is sugar. consumption.

Looking at what I call her Time DNA, she has the pattern of the 5 Contextual Winning Field. This is linked to the function of her Pancreas, which has links to the Spleen from the Oriental model. Her need for the support of Meldonium is again clearly indicated.

Along with her profound focus on tennis, she is a famous tennis “grunter”. This sound comes from her belly, what the Orientals call the Hara, the centre of gravity of the body. Because of her height and build, Maria needs the grunting to stabilise and empower her body. It is a very skilful approach for her playing, as it allows her to come from that centre in hitting the ball. At times though, when she comes off the ground to serve or to make a shot, it is very easy for her to twist her ankle or to feel one of her knees give under her.

You see this most times when she is running for a ball, more than likely coming from her “head” to get the ball rather than running from that integrated mind-body dimension of her being – her Hara. In that “coming from the head” scenario, the injuries easily happen for her.

She sometimes wears turquoise colour outfits, and my research indicates that a high percentage of times injuries take place when she is wearing this colour.

From her Time DNA this is easily explained, as turquoise is a colour that antagonises the colour of her 5 Earth Contextual Winning Field, Yellow. Turquoise is connected with the Wood element, and this digs into the 5 Earth Contextual Winning Field: so for Maria, turquoise (and green) are not great colours to be wearing when on the tennis court.

For sure, she has the mind and determination to return with great success and would want to do this to show the world who she is and to restore her pride. Whether she can pull this off depends on her capacity to step back from her sugar consumption.

She would need to take the Steve Jobs approach to her Sugarpova brand. By this, I mean that Jobs kept his children’s exposure to digital devices to a minimum: she would need to dramatically limit her own exposure to her own product, too. If she can do this, then Maria can return to winning Grand Slams.

If not, at her age now, it would be wishful thinking on her part to believe that she could do so while hanging on to her sweet tooth. We know that she is into aromatherapy: if she is receptive to approaching this from another level and working with Ocotea and Dill to support her pancreas function along with Sacred Frankincense and Balsam Fir, this can bring another edge to her playing. For sure we have not heard the last of Maria Sharapova.

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