The 8 Earth Contextual Winning Field


What do Olympic Gold medallists Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz, Simone Manuel, Katie Ledecky, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, Wilma Rudolph and Samuel Biles all have in common?

The answer is that, using the 9 Star Ki system of Oriental Astrology in conjunction with the date of their birth, Rex Lassalle has delved deep into what makes these athletes, tick and has come up with some amazing insights and connections.

According to Lassalle, author of the book “The Time of You Life-Could It Be Now?” there is far more to the precise moment of one’s birth than we might think.

The time of your birth was a unique moment in the development of the universe.  That moment in time was is unique for you as your DNA or your fingerprints.  You are of that moment. Everything about you springs from that. You are the vintage wine that could only have been created there and then. Your time fingerprint, your Time DNA: when you were born has a huge impact on your future.”

This impact shows up in a very definitive and specific way for all of the above.

Their unique time DNA is that of the 8 Earth Contextual Winning Field!!!

For people with the 8 Earth Contextual Winning Field, what characteristics or habits should they cultivate  in order to have the qualities of this field present in their lives?

1 Transform the essence of who they are

They have all transformed the essence of who they are, to become dedicated, focused Olympic and World Championship athletes, swimmers and performers. This is who they are, and how they are known in the world.

2. Be tenacious in pursuit of goals and dreams in spite of obstacles

They are truly tenacious in their pursuit of their goals and dreams. This goes without saying, in accomplishing what they have achieved.

3. Be an authentic seeker at what is their passion in life

They are authentic seekers to become the best at what they do, through the long hours they spend sharpening their skills and performances.

4. Be willing to take a stand with what their life is about

They are ready to take a stand to pursue their goals, some of them giving up other offers and possibilities to focus on their passion.

5. Be creators of monumental artistic creations

They tend to be creators of monumental artistic creations. We see this at how they inspire people to do what they do. In the case of Wilma Rudolph, the famous Jesse Owens said of her, “She was speed and motion incarnate, the most beautiful image ever seen on the running track.”

All of these swimmers and athletes are artistic creators of human effort in motion with what they do, and the way they do it.

These distinctions all come from the Contextual Winning Field pattern of their birthdates.

What is your Contextual Winning Field pattern?

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Here is just a hint of what these champions have accomplished:

Michael Phelps has an incredible 28 Olympic medals to his name, 23 of them gold.

Mark Spitz won 9 Olympic gold medals between 1968 and 72

Simone Manuel won 2 Gold medals in swimming in her first Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and turned 20 earlier this month.

Simone Biles has won a combined total of seventeen Olympic and World Championship medals, thirteen of which are gold, and is  just 19 years old.

Katie Ledecky has won 5 Olympic Gold medals and is just 19 years of age.

Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson won 11 Paralympic gold medals over a 12-year period.

Wilma Rudolph won 3 Gold medals at the 1960 Rome Olympics.

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