Time-0518 “THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE”, a ground-breaking NEW book by renowned author Rex Lassalle.

This book is not about fortune telling. It’s simply a way to connect you with time in a way that has you aligned with who you are at your essence.

The time of your birth was a unique moment in the development of the universe. That moment in time was as unique for you as your DNA or your fingerprints. You are of that moment. Everything about you springs from that. You are the vintage wine that could only have been created there and then. Your time fingerprint, your Time DNA…when you were born, has a huge impact on your future.

When your birthdate interfaces with the 9 Star Ki Calendar it plants a new seed. Within this seed lies the gift of understanding and tapping into your Contextual Winning Field. Use this book to understand it, and unlock your true potential. Prepare to be amazed!

At the core of all that I am sharing and explaining in this book, is the idea of MAKING TIME YOUR FRIEND.

This is what the Contextual Winning Field is all about. With our modern education, we were never been given this perception of Time. Time was always something that was gobbling us up like some monster, and what is profoundly sad is that we have not explored time from any other perspective than 24/7, end of story.

I would say that this is true for 99.999% of us. And yet Time is something that has given us an entry point into life. She is the one who, when we arrived on planet earth as a baby, gave us our “Time Matrix”.

Yes, astrologers may have looked at it from the perspective of which planets were moving where in the sky, and what was happening with the Moon etc. but very, very few of us have gone up to Time and said, “THANK YOU for bringing me here on to the planet at this Time. You gave me that moment, TIME. Please tell me how to be friendly with you and with that moment of TIME when you brought me here. Please show me.”

Yes, I know you have other currents pulling on you and creating other waves but at the foundation, at the core, there is YOU.

Dear readers, this is what I am truly asking you to explore. The tools and skills that I have shared here are not the be-all and end-all of making TIME your friend. It is an introduction, it is an acknowledgement, inviting TIME to show you more of her supportand wisdom as you remain receptive to her influence and presence in your life.

Your Contextual Winning Field tool is an introduction to getting to know her in your life as a friend and a moment-by moment-companion, as she is always there wherever you are. She is inherent in your shadow, your blood and your DNA. Isn’t it time that you truly connect with her in a friendly and relaxed way?

The book you are holding in your hands will help you to do just that. Your Contextual Winning Field will allow you to experience a new source of freedom and self-expression.

With the guidance of your Contextual Winning Field, you’ll discover and experience this new freedom and self-expression, and you’ll be able to say to yourself, “Now, Time really IS my friend!” Enjoy the friendship.

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