“Subconsciously we are all looking for patterns, meaning and connections in our lives and in the things we observe around us. We are all on a lifelong quest to unravel what things mean and to make some sense of a world that obviously is trying to tell us more than we currently have the capacity to understand.”

thumbnailWhat does Steve Jobs, Vincent van Gogh and Oprah Winfrey all have in common?
The answer is that, based on the date of their birth, and using the 9 Star Ki system of Oriental Astrology, Rex Lassalle has delved deep into what makes them tick and has come up with some amazing insights and connections.

The time of your birth was a unique moment in the development of the universe. That moment in time was as unique for you as your DNA or your fingerprints. You are of that moment. Everything about you springs from that. You are the vintage wine that could only have been created there and then. Your time fingerprint, your Time DNA…when you were born, has a huge impact on your future.

When your birthdate interfaces with the 9 Star Ki Calendar it plants a new seed. Within this seed lies the gift of understanding and tapping into your Contextual Winning Field. Use this book to understand it, and unlock your true potential. Prepare to be amazed!
This book is not about fortune telling. It simply a way to connect you with time in a way that has you aligned with who you are at your essence.

It will help you to discover – The Time of your Life.


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