with Rex Lassalle
February 4th 2017
Hotel Nuuksio, Naruportintie 68, 02860 Espoo, Finland

09.30 to 17.30 

Sotai is a Japanese body therapy developed by Dr Keizo Hashimoto, a Japanese M.D.

It aims to correct structural imbalances by doing movements to the non- painful side of the body.

In other words, the musculoskeletal pain is corrected by making movements on the pleasurable side.

The program will cover 2 aspects:
1. A simple protocol of Sotai for yourself
2. Doing Sotai with a partner so they feel more ease and comfort in their body.

This one-day workshop is open to participants who have no experience in body therapies, as it can be done and learnt by a lay person to help their family and friends.

Obviously massage therapists, physiotherapists, shiatsu-practitioners as well as other therapists who work with the body will have a new set of skills to bring to their practice.

Sotai reverses muscular and joint limitations through simple moves.

Teacher: Rex Lassalle

Price: 90,00€ Early bird (until 20.1.2017)   From 21.1.2017: 108,00€

Place: Hotelli Nuuksio, Espoo

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or +358 40 1987885

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