downloadRex Lassalle is a world-renowned Master in the Japanese healing art of Shiatsu and an authority on Oriental Astrology and it’s impact on health. He is also an experienced osteopath and Aikidoka (practitioner of Aikido).

During the past four decades, Rex has been right at the cutting edge of bodywork practices in Europe and further afield. He helped to establish the East West Centre and Community Health Foundation in London in 1976, and set up his own Hara Shiatsu School in London in 1986. By the mid 1980s, Rex had amassed a wealth of insights from his work, which he combined with his deep understanding of Oriental five element theory and Nine Star Ki Astrology to develop a unique system of understanding that Time itself has another dimension beyond simple linear measurement. Rex observed that Time carries very specific discernible qualities, and that these qualities are discernible and have an ongoing influence upon us.

 “The experience of being in the hands of Rex Lassalle brings wisdom to the deepest healing. The depth and breadth of his knowledge seems to know no bounds and his highly developed senses of listening tunes into the exact area of tension needing release.

The work I received from Rex brought me insights that I will be exploring for years to come. My body and my deepening understanding of how to care for myself is a lifelong process and I now feel I have been given the correct tools and insights into how to live in tune with my unique rhythm.

The experience of receiving his work is second to none. I only wish everyone I know and love could be as privileged as I have been to work with him. I cannot thank Rex enough for his healing presence and endlessly insightful wisdom.”

Gillian Duffin – Structural Integration Practitioner, Dublin, Ireland


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